Illustration Friday: "Tail"; しっぽ shippo

For this week's challenge I present to you a set of cards I made earlier this summer, andyou can't tell me this isn't all about tails!
I've been wanting to do larger pritns out of these for a long time now, but unfortunately I don't have the originals anymore, so I've got to start from scratch making new ones. It would be nice to get them done before the end of the year though, short as that deadline may be! ;)


  1. Qué pasó con los originales Nancy?????????
    los perdiste?
    Es horrible tener que hace nuevamente algo que ya hiciste, yo odio eso!!!!
    Están muy buenas!!
    Bien. have a nice weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. yup, I left them on the table and they fell down into the cats' water bowl. I didn't think much about it at the time since I'd already scanned them - but I only scanned them at their original size, so while they're fine for cards, larger prints are out of the question :(

  2. They are all lovely, I was hoping you'd be making them : )

  3. Hola Nancy, vengo seriamente, no a hacer bromas acerca de la boda.

    I want to tell you something important: Just, I come from Carolina's blog and read her post about the show that made both
    I want to congratulate you, because I read you sold pictures. It always makes me very happy that an artist sells a painting, in today's world that means success (I know that's not exactly true, but unfortunately, nowadays, everything is money)
    I saw the work of you two, and both are two artists very high level (I already knew)
    Nancy, congratulations.
    I wish you a spectacular week :))

    1. Thank you, Roberto! I know, it'd be amazing if one could survive just by sharing the art with the world but I'm actually at the point right where I can honestly say I feel only a twang of guilt when selling! ;)

    2. Guilt? I know there are people who feel sorry for selling his/her work, because they do not want to leave your work, even if they receive money from the sale, but I never heard anyone feel guilty.
      ok. every day we learn something new.

      (I want to tell you something about the header of my blog). in fact, the dog you see in the middle is me, and the guy you see on the right is Gromit :)))
      buen viernes Nancy!!!!!!!!!!!!