My sweet tooth is calling me ...

Mouthwatering cookie dough! 
... but of course, it's only clay. A little something to continue the wabi sabi theme. Although sometimes I wonder if it's really wabi-sabi if you're trying to get wabi-sabi, you know what I mean? 
Either way, playing with clay is fun!

Found a pair of dirty little toes in the window ...
 Hello Simba :)

And Pierre Philippe's pink tongue:

Ido is on the hunt ...
Nothing in here ...

Uh-oh, he's spotted something ...
 he's closing in ...

and Bello seems interested too, but really, he couldn't care less
when there's sand to roll around in.

alright, more for me then.

And a new guest hoping to find a cure for her eye:
It's been a super busy week but I hope to get back to drawing and painting and all that other stuff soon! It's almost the end of the week, I hope you've had fun! :)


  1. You are in heavens, aren't you with all those companions...kitty paws and tongues are the cutest...hope the new one's eye gets well soon xo

  2. Y dónde está Valentino?????????? mi preferido!!!!

    Oh, Nancy, tú aceptaste mi propuesta :))))) you are a sweet candy!!!

    Watch this Nancy, I hope this does not happen to us! ♥


    OK OK, start making the guest list...eh .... my wife first, eh ... then whoever you want :)))) (you know, I do not want to have problems with my wife, imagine you, if we do not invite her to the wedding, she can get angry) :D

    Nancy, buen fin de semana para tí!!!!!
    No trabajes demasiado. pinta muchos cuadros!!!!
    Intentaré hacer unas manchas!!!!

    1. watched the vid - poor things! although I don't see what there's to be so nervous about that you faint at a wedding, but then
      i'm not the romantic type ;)
      The seat of honour for your wife, but of course! :D
      but sorry
      i couldn't take your advice - there's been no paintibg this week, and barely any drawing either ... but soon perhaps :)

  3. Awwww so much kitty adorableness!!!! And then you say MINE (kitty adorableness, that is) is too much to handle? LOL ;) Your furry babies are so sweet... and those little paws and pink tongues... awwww! Hope the little one's eye gets better soon!