Sometimes you just need a little extra support (what I wore yesterday)

Usually when on the bus, one might be just sitting upp straight, looking out the window ...
... or have a (hopefully) good book with you.

But, yesterday, the road was unusually bumpy and the bus could clearly have used more padding , scrambling not only my brain but my chest, too!
So I had to spend the entire drive with my arms acting as an over-clothes bra.


  1. Ja Ja, me hiciste reir Nancy. y recordé algo que pasaba con mis hijas. ellas viajaban en el asiento de atrás de mi pick up (yo tengo una pick up con doble cabina, las conoces?) usualmente yo ando por caminos de montaña, con muchas piedras y pozos, y a ellas les ocurría lo mismo que a vos. entonces siempre me decían: "¡¡¡Papá, las tetas!!!!" ja ja,