Illustration Friday: "Reflect"; かえりみる kaerimiru

We're at that time of year when tv-channels start reflecting on issues and events that have made an impact on our lives, and practically all you see are reruns of wars, all the famous people that have passed away, political scandals, society scandals, Hollywood scandals; I don't particularly want to relive all of that again just for the sake of making a sappy, tear-jerking end of the year memory. And even the big sports events look boring X months later - especially as there's always something new to look forward to just around the corner! 
Not that I don't take time out to reflect on things once in a while, just not right now in the middle of this nostalgia hype - against my will, I get a bit jaded when it looks like they're out to sell me something that's already gone a bit moldy. 
Having said all that, I'm afraid that left on my own, I am a dreadful, hopelessly romantic sentimentalist. :)                                                                                                                                       


  1. Nancy, a mi me ocurre lo mismoque a vos! Estoy de acuerdo. Lo que ya pasó, pasó. miremos hacia adelante. el pasado y los recuerdos no son malos, pero siempre la vida para mí es hoy, y mañana. Y creo que también me ocurre lo mismo, al final soy un romántico sentimentalista. Feliz Año nuevo!! Tu ilustración cpmop siempre Maravillosa, para utilizar la palabra del Illustration Friday, (no en el sentido de "reflexión" sino de "reflejo" yo diré que your illustration reflects your great artistic quality!!!!!!!!!!!! y excelente dibujante!

  2. Same here... including the "dreadful, hopelessly romantic sentimentalist" ;)
    LOVE this illustration!!!
    Happy New Year, Nancy! :)