it's going to be a long week ...

We had planned to have three cats spayed, but they're all suddenly sick, so they're at the vet now being treated for that and will hopefully get cleared for operation later in the week.
 Choco has already been neutred:

But there's bad news too. Therese is in hospital right now with a suspected poisoning; the vets don't think she'll survive:
Mia left us a a couple of days ago, also poisoned; here are photos of her from earlier this summer when she came in for a little summer cold:

We had an interesting visit a couple of weeks ago; Rex is a rescue and lives in Sweden when he's not holidaying in Spain. He's actually an older dog but you'd never think it - he's very playful!
You know, it's kind of hard to be around the sick and wounded and needy 24 hours a day (and belive me, with some 50 cats in the colonies and my own at home, there is always something going on), so painting something where you don't have to plan or have any deeper meaning behind it, can be quite a nice break from thinking. Painting pots has become a favourite pastime lately:

update: ok, so two of the cats have now been sterilised but the third has fluid in her lungs so she's on antibiotics till that's clear and then we'll try again.

more updates: The one cat that didn't get spayed died just a few hours after they all got back. Also, there's an outbreak of pneumonia in the colonies, so now we've got about 50+ cats on antibiotics - luckily the vet could recomend a brand that's cheaper than the one we're using now, so that'll be a relief!

hopefully the last update: Sofi looked somewhat alright the first day, sunning her face in the window, but she deteriorated quickly and now the vet just called to say that she didn't make it:



  1. It's hard to see an animal suffer, but keep on doing the good work! Your pot is great.

  2. Thank God for you....sickens me that people would poison an animal : (

  3. Nancy, cuando vi los bolsos pensé que te ibas de viaje!!
    pobres gatos, están enfermos?
    tienes un alma y un corazón grande como una casa, Nancy, vos sí que amás a los animales!!! mi admiración está contigo!

  4. Dear Nancy, that made me so sad about those poor babies... They all deserve love and a loving family... makes me so sad. Sounds like Greece, exactly the same, sad situation... Thank God for wonderful people helping them! Thank you for all you're doing for those poor babies!!!!! Big hugs to you!!!

  5. Nancy!!!!!!!!!!! Mi querida amiga. viene para desearte muy felices fiestas, quiero pedir que el próximo año sea un gran año para tí!!! Que tu inspiración sea mucha, que tu arte explote!!! y que todos tus deseo se cumplan!!!!!!!!!!! Te envío n fuerte beso y un fuerrrrrrte abrazo!!!!!!!!!!!