patter pitter patterns

There's something about patterns that seem to fascinate people; maybe there's a soothing quality in repetition, or a subconsious recognition of the patterns that make up this universe? Either way, I often use patterns as part of my own illustrations, like this one above - the final piece of the exhibition I shared with my sister last month. (See that cat down there in the right hand corner? That was the only cat in the exhibition but she represents all the ones that have come - and gone - throughout our lives.)
Speaking of the exhibition, I really should thank all the people who came to the opening day and to the show for as long as it lasted - thank you! :)
I should also give a HUGE thanks to my sister, who not only came up with the idea to do this in the first place, but also had to take it upon herself to take care of the sales and the upkeep and all of the practical stuff in connection to the closing of the exhibition - since I couldn't be there. And, with that in mind, I also need to thank my sister's boy J, who drove us to and fro and and took my place helping her out!

So, continuing with the patterns ... yesterday, the inspiratin was South korean artist Suh Se-ok and his very simple ink patters, so clean and vibrant and impossibly beautiful and alive:
But I've got to admit, if it comes to happiness of the more bubbly kind, it'd be hard to beat Yayomi Kusama; here are her patterns in Aix-en-Provence earlier this year:
Image source.
So I had to do a little bit of doodling myself!:

Let's finish with a mountain view and all those patterned rows of citrus trees (not absolutely sure it is citrus, but there's so much of that around her, it seems safe to assume;)!
Murcia, Spain.


  1. I too love patterns and not sure why...maybe it does relax the eyes...congratulations on your show.

  2. OH, what a post!
    there is much to see here!
    all excellent and of good standard.
    I love your picture
    I like the patterns you show
    and trees with polka dots of Yayoi Kusama, are something spectacular
    (Her exposition, was here in Buenos Aires this year, but I live far away and I could not go, one of my daughters went and was dazzled)
    Nancy, Que tengas un lindo fin de semana!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have never heard of Yayoi Kusama, but I LOVE the tree's! Your patterns are good too and interesting to look at, specially the 3 big ones with the drippings and strange watery effects. The first image is also great. Are the girls before or behind the curtain? It's like a trompe l'oeil.