Troubleshooting the end of the year!

Gosh, I've had a couple of crammed weeks!
If I'm ever not blogging, you can almost always blame the cats ... ;)
Well, apart from today, when something went wrong with my blogger access and I had to do all sorts of tinkering to get it to work. The cats had nothing to do with it (this time).
Three more cats were sterilised last week - this is Linus (above) the morning after; being a boy, he only stayed the night.
This girl here, is one from the group before:
We had two boys and a girl in this time; Linus:


And Caesar's sister Edie (you can just about spot the plaster on her stomach!) :
Edie's spending her last night here tonight.

We've had rather a cold and wet week around here, so I put out a folding bed with lots of room to stretch out on, right under where the heat from the AC flows down. It has been appreciated!

I haven't picked up a paint brush in forever ... I'm hoping I didn't forget to clean them - usually I use them so regularly that they don't have time to dry up! I'm looking forward to tomorrow - I think there may be some time left over to do a spot of painting! Or at the very least drawing. If I can remember how to ...;)


  1. I know you have been busy but in such a great way...I am sure they love you...my lovely print arrived and the extra cards that I love very much...hope you have a great christmas with paint brush in your hands : )

    1. Thnk you, I'm happy you liked the print! :) Busy couple of weeks, yes, but it's not usually as hectic or dire as this, it just happened to arrive all at once. it happens.
      (Still waiting for those paintbrushes!;)

  2. Ja Ja Nancy querida!!! nunca te olvidarás de dibujar y de pintar!!!!!
    Bien, espero que pases una linda Navidad!!! supongo que con frío, aunque no tanto en el sur de España, verdad?
    Tú no debes recordar las fiestas de fin de año en Argentina, pero te cuento que estamos muertos de calor!!! un beso y un abrazo!!!

    1. lol, perhaps not, but sometimes it does actually take a moment to figure out wher eeverything goes, so to speak ;)
      No, normalmente no hace frio aqui, pero la semana pasada llovió todos los dias y como las casas aquí estan hechas para el verano y muy mal aisladas, tuve que poner la calefacción para no morirme de frio!
      Pero lo del calor argentino sí que me recuerdo - es lo único que recuerdo de mi visita al país! Y las lluvias torrenciales - mi hermana y yo salimos a bailar en la lluvia y el calor! :D

    2. Qué risa me da que hayan salido a bailar con lluvia!!! En Buenos Aires generalmente llueve en invierno, y algunas lluvias torrenciales en verano, aquí en córdoba no llueve por 7 u 8 meses y llueve casi todos los días en verano!!! pero es muy seco, nio hay humedad, Feliz Año Nuevo Nancy!!!

  3. Eh. muy buena la nueva foto de perfil!!!!!

  4. Well done on the neuterings! :) Enjoy the festive time with your fur babies, Nancy!
    I've had a couple of crammed weeks too... it's good to get some time to relax :)
    Happy New Year!!!!!!