And the giveaway winner is ...

... Marija! Congratulations! :)
But of course I have to thank everybody who entered this month's giveaway: thank you so much!

I wanted to ask Nero to assist in the draw ... but he was in the middle of his siesta:


  1. Congratulations to the winner!
    Ha Ha, you know, in Argentina, (has oído de ese país?) it is customary to sleep siesta, (not so much in Buenos Aires which is a big city, but, yes, in the provinces) and I live in a province since 9 years, and I take a siesta, not very long, 15 minutes, half hour, and charge the batteries to keep working. So that: I support Nero, from here to the moon and back!!!!!! :)

  2. Hi, Nancy, nada más pasé por aquí. linda foto la nueva de tu perfil!!! :)

  3. I bet the cat won't be giving away any cat naps. Especially sunny siestas!