And it's a sunny first morning of the year! :)

Victoria and Mimi warming themselves in the sun.

But Fifi wants in on it too:
It's been a darling, sunshiny day to start the year here on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, I hope your first day has been at least as lovely - sunny or not! :)


  1. Happy New Year, dear Nancy!!! May it be filled with sunshine in your heart! :)
    Beautiful photos! The kitties are adorable :) Are they your kitties or from one of the colonies?
    I've had a similar day to yours -- just in a different scenery ;)

    1. As much as I would love to have them at home, they are colony-cats! But I do get to see them twice a day :)

  2. Wow,,,what a way to start 2014...sunshine, ocean and kitties...happy 2014 xo

  3. Nancy!!!!!!!!!!! Sí, tu hermana Carolina es quien ganó el pequeño librito, esta semana se lo enviaré!!! Tal vez en el próximo sorteo vos tengas más suerte!!!! ( o puedo enviarte uno como regalo de cumpleaños) jaja!!!!

  4. Ah. el perro es mi labrador Tino. en realidad es el perro de mi hijo, pero vive conmigo!!