Illustration Fiday: "Search"; けんさく kensaku

Click the image for a larger version.
A piece from the exhibition last year, its title is "looking/searching for ...". This was the first time my sister and I did a project together and a lot of the work was about rediscovering our common past and trying to puzzle together stray memories - so often we remembered the same things so differently! - and put together all of our versions into a more grown-up sistership.

So I haven't been around for a while, for various reasons - one of them due to my printer finally retiring from a long life of dutiful service. I've had so much problem with this one for the last two or so years, I dreaded having to do a print - and the amount of paper I've waisted over the years ..!
But I got a new one today and it'a been so long since I've had a new printer that did its job without complaining that I was completely shocked and giggly when the print came out all perfect and clean on the first try! :D
Anyway, I'm ready to get some proper work done now so just a heads up that there's a long overdue giveaway coming up next week! Do keep an eye out for that :)


  1. Hey Nancy!!! qué rápida eres, hace un rato salió la nueva palabra en Illustration Friday y vos ya hiciste un post!! OK, mi impresora tampoco funciona, creo que la tinta se secó!
    Aún debo enviar el booklet a tu hermana!!!! es que voy muy poco al pueblo y aquí donde vivo no hay oficina postal!!!
    y debo enviar el mail explicando acerca de la tarjeta para dibujar entra varios ilustradores!!! Estoy debiendo demasiadas cosas! (afortunadamente no debo dinero a nadie)
    Este trabajo que muestras es maravilloso, yo diría que tiene un clima místico, irreal, (como los recuerdos tal vez) ok Buen sábado para tí, Nancy. Un cariñito a Valentino (o Valentín?) :)

  2. Only because I happened to have an illo ready and waiting! :D Usually I do make something up especially for IF but it just fit this week so wth, right? ;)
    I know exactly what you mean about being behind on absolutely everything ... but you know what they say about waiting for something good! And your challenge sounds lovely, so I'm happy to be waiting for that - art shouldn't be stressed anyway, right?
    BTW, it's Valentino. After the great Rudolph, handsome as he is in his own right, my TinoTino :)