What to do, what to do ... with an empty canvas.

Or an empty sheet of paper. I was invited by Roberto to do an artists' collaboration where we (5 in total) send one of the others a card and the start of a drawing/collage/whatever, with space left for the other four to contiune. In this manner, these five cards will travel the world until they are filled. 
I love the idea! ... but I'm behind on even thinking about starting mine; I've set myself a deadline for tomorrow morning so that I have time to stop by the post office in the afternoon, but it's going slow ... ;) It's not that hard really, just a matter of getting down to work, speaking of work, have a mentioned that I just started a course in animation? And one in Japanese. Oh, I'm feeling all fired up learning new things! ... not that I won't get sick and tired of it all a couple of weeks in, but all in all I'm excited! :D

As always, my day starts with checking on the colony cats, which takes me down by the beach. The sea looked a little rebellious this morning, under grey skies:

But the sun is never far away, and where there's sun, there's Emil:


  1. Nancy, sé tú misma, dibuja como si estuvieras hablando por teléfono y haciendo garabatos con el lápiz!!! :)
    Un Besoooooooooooooooo!!!!

  2. ... but I never speak on the phone! :D nah, don't worry, I'll get down to it soon :)

  3. Great idea with the artists' collaboration! I'm sure you'll come up with something gorgeous!
    I love your photos of the sea and your kitties, I always enjoy them on FB too! :)
    Yes, we already have first signs of springs... it's incredible, isn't it? I saw many wild primulas on my walk in the woods two days ago! But snow is expected and it's already gotten much colder now, with first snow flakes falling... So I guess that winter will still get back upon us... which is normal in the Alps :)

    1. ock, it's cloder here too now! ... we do have mountain here but the Alps it's not - no snow around these parts! :D

  4. Riiiiiingggg Riiiiiiinnngggg Riiiiinnnngggggg Atiende el teléfono Nancy!!!!!!!!!!!!