Illustration Friday: "Exotic"

Originally, exotic meant just foregin, something brought in from abroad, and obviously it still means that. Which in turn means that I could be cinsidered exotic, living in a foreign country, and the country I'm living in (Spain), would feel exotic to me. 
However, that's not really the case at all because when I think exotic, I think of strange lands far far away, with cultures vastly different from my own,  magical places where even the air feels different.
And using that meaning, there's nothing exotic about me, nor about Spain; we're both European, of slightly different flavour.
But I'm not that far away from the lands of magic, after all, the blues I'm using in my painting (another work in progress I'm afraid, I promise I'll show you a finished one some day;) have lovely names like turqoise, meaning "from Turkey", or Indigo, "from India" (not that they were necessarily from those places originally, or exclusively!), and who can forget the nearly mythical Lapis lazuli of the Egyptian Pharaoes! 
Although, the most Mediterranean blue of them all, the cerulean, is a modern invention. Still lovely though and one of my favourite colurs on the palette. :)


  1. I loved what you wrote, Nancy ( obviously I like your painting too, you already know)
    to me happens the same thing, the word exotic brings to my mind, far away lands, maybe tropical.
    But I guess for people living in those lands, the exotic, it's me
    OK I like your profile picture!
    Good weekend with exotic colors around you! I like sienna! :)

    1. Yes, I guess that's why even Sweden seems exotic to some people! ;)

  2. Una mirada agresiva, como diciendo: Qué te importa lo que yo estoy pintando?!!!! :)

  3. Great sketchy painting! The orange against the blue is beautiful. To me 'orange' is a bit exotic already. Oranges, lemons, they grow in sunny Spain. Spain has so many Moorish influences that I associate with exotic cultures. Blue sea is part of that image.

    1. Orangy safforn, definitely! BTW; did you know that the Swedish word for orange is "apple from China" - sound lovely and exotic, too! ;)