Illustration Friday: "Space"; うちゅう uchuu

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A cat colony on the moon?
I know cats are supposed to be solitary animals, working best on their own, but I think that they're also smart enough to understand that there's strength in number so, not only is there one holding the camera, but there are also several others back in the space ship getting out the tins of tuna from the cargo hold.
Besides, all the cats I know like to cuddle and sleep in a heap and wash each other!
Speaking of fish, the new preferred delicacy in our household, is sardines! Mind you, only if it's in tomato sauce.


  1. Cute illustration.... I love the cat's satisfied expression. I would love to see the cat colony on the moon!

  2. Great idea! I love the background! Really dark and wild space. Good opposition with the detailed drawing in foreground.

  3. Ja Ja, imagino una civilización de gatos en la cual, los seres humanos seríamos quienes gustan de estar al sol, de comer atún o sardinas (con salsa) o ronronear!!. Ahora yo me pregunto: Quienes serían los perros? Buen fin de semana Nancy!!!!!!!!!!!!