Illustration Friday: "Sizzle"

 Is there anything better than endless, lazy summer days with nothing on your mind but the buzzing of bees and that wobbly sensation in the air when the heat's just at its peak? ... one oculd probably come up with a few things, but not many, I'm sure ;)

It's taken me two days to upload this - every time I try, Youtube somehow manages to drop frames along the way. But it gets the message across so it'll do.
And I'm for the first time drawing not on paper but straight onto the screen - it's just nothing like holding a pen! It took me forever and a day to get something that even resembles what I wanted, I guess I need a lot more practice ...

... it's a bit of a tease to be dreaming of summer right now, don't you think? March is usually one of the wettest, rawest of the winter months - or maybe it appears so dire only because it's the last stretch before summer (or, if unlucky, the last before last before the last stretch ...).


  1. Espera un momento! Deja de mirarme desde la foto de tu perfil!! OK. :)
    me encantó, una pequeña joyita! :)
    ese ruidito de fondo me hace acordar a las cigarras, Hay allí donde vives? Típicas de los días de calor (aquí)
    Buena semana para tí, querida Nancy!!!
    No entendí cómo dibujas directamente sobre la pantalla?
    PS: algo ocurre con el correo, las tarjetas no están dando la vuelta al mundo!??? :)

  2. Makes me feel peaceful and sleepy. I think you did a lovely job of capturing the movements of the cat. Charming.