Illustration Friday: "Spark"; ひばな hibana

I was impatently waiting for IF to post their word of the week, updating the page every 20 mins, but when it finally came, I just couldn't think of anything that I wanted to draw. And when I googled for some inspiration, all I got were dull photos of car engines.
But a night's sleep made things clearer! This is one of a series of vintage cars I've been drawing since late last year. And the photo that sparked the idea, was this one:

It's an old one of me and my sister, inside a rusty-red Saab 99, probably touristing somewhere around Sweden. The family's had about four or five cars over the years and they've all been very pretty looking cars (except for the latest one, a modern BMW, boring as they come - as they all come these days), which might've sparked my urge to go full auto-nerd whenever anything nice passes by. 
The orangey Citroen in the illustration was inspired by our tangerine colured Renault (our Citroen was instead a lovely rosy beige beauty!).

If I ever try a Volkswagen myself ... it'll be a blue one:


  1. Nancy, querida!!!!!!!!!! Me encanta tu Citroen (creo que es un Ami 8) Yo tuve un 2CV. lo amaba pero era una tortura viajar en la ruta, me pasaban hasta las bicicletas, jaja
    yo recuerdo muy bien tu serie de autos! me gusta este VW. azul!
    también tuve un VW. pero no este, un Gol, no sé si en España se llama así, en España son SEAT verdad?
    bueno, espero que hayas pasado un lindo día de la mujer!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Buen domingo para tí Nancy! como siempre, me gusta tu foto de perfil!
    PS (ya envié tu tarjeta rumbo a Francia :)

  2. I never thought I could like pictures of cars, but yours are lovely!!! Nostalgic models with nostalgic patterns. As you say: Why do they make only boring cars these days? My parents had a VW Beetle. Family of 6 and doggy, it fitted! Luggage on top of the roof. Your cars make me think of vacation because the atmosphere is so sunny!

  3. your picture of you and your sister is just adorable, and i love the car paintings : )

  4. Hi Nancy, How are you???
    I hope fine!!!
    look at this i saw and remind of you:

    :) have a nice week!!!!!!!!!