What I wore yesterday: bad hairday.

I made a bad decision yesterday, trying to wear curls with a very minor storm sweeping the streets; after about 15 minutes, most of those curls had turned either bushy or flat out straight. So when I got back home, it all went up in a a quick pigtail, bangs and all. And by "all", I mean about half of it, the rest is too short to do anything about - clips or not.
Speaking of hair, I'm trying to go ginger by using herbs - not henna but actual herbs from the spicerack. I tried cinnamon last week but only the once (forgot all about it till today) so I don't know how effective that could possibly be; I'm tempted to try carrot and if it turns orange, well, it'll wash out again ;) Either way, next time I get around to do a self photo, I may or may not be a redhead.

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  1. Love your sketches of you... I suppose one could dye hair with herbs. Henna actually has protein in it that coats the hair. Chemical dyes open the hair shaft to let dye molecules in. I wonder which herbs would work. Tumeric is very yellow/orange. Nutmeg? Great experiment. xx