Illustration Friday: "Natural"

If you come to the Spanish Costa Blanca and ask for a zumo natural, in any bar, cafe or restaurant, you'll get a glass of freshly pressed orange juice. Zumo as a word, only means juice, but since we're quite famous for our citrus orchards, that's usually what is implied.
Virtually everybody with a bit of land, even if it is only a front proch, will have a lemon or orange tree; when in season, you'll see boxes and bags for sale, sitting on the steps of townhouses, or even in any shop that has an employee with trees at home.
Sometimes they'll serve it with a sachet of sugar, but I don't know why because the oranges around here are really very sweet as they are!


  1. Sí, aquí también usamos la palabra zumo, pero especificamos: "zumo de naranja" por ejemplo.
    Tu dibujo, excelente como siempre Nancy!!! Me gustó la idea de que a la mujer la dibujes desde atrás, le da importancia al vaso con el jugo, que es lo que importa en este post!
    Buena semana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!