Illustration Friday: "Zodiac"

Like probably most children, my favourite kind of books as a child were those about other worlds, of ghosts and witches, talking trees and galactical adventures. That's how I came upon astrology, quite by accident and only the once (I don't know why it never stuck, maybe I was too science-minded and too impatient to wait for astrology to prove itself in that area). I was, however, once given a little book that, very breifly, described personality traits assigned to all of the twelve signs of the zodiac. 
I never read all of them, but I did read mine - Pisces - and was absolutely astonished at how it had me pegged, warts and all. I remember putting it down and then reading it again, almost suspiciously, several times over the next week or so; I think that was my first time of seeing myself from the outside, so to speak - up until them I'd lived very much in my own world, not necessarily selfishly (I hope) but definitely self-centred. I really was an un-extraordinary child, but most of all, I was unaware - if I'd been bullied, I'm sure I wouldn't have noticed. Assuming it wasn't the head-in-the-toilet kind of bullying, I wasn't that much of a scatterbrain to not have noticed that.
Anyway, I thought I needed to test this little booklet of astrology, and after some thinking, remembered I had a sister. A sister that, it turned out, was a Virgo. I found the right passage and the first word word that jumped up at me from the page was "pedantic". OMG. That was sooo my sister! It was the one thing, the one fundamental thing, that we never really got over (still haven't) - my sloppiness and her perfection.
I don't remember all the postive things it probably said about Virgos, all I could remember and that defined my view of my sister for ages and ages, was "pedant". 
Nowadays, I wish I had a bit of her meticulousness.

Did you know, btw, that March was once the first month on the year in the Roman calendar? That's why the seventh month is not, in name, July, but September (septimus=7), same with October, November and December (8th, 9th, 10th).
Another strange thing - I've always thought of myself as a spring-child. But it hit me just the other day that, technically, since I was born in the southern hemisphere, that actually means I arrived in the autumn. Of course I know it shouldn't matter one iota but it does, it completely rumbles my world - I don't know how to be an autumn child! 
Silly but it's true.
I think it probably has something to do with how, as a child, everything, absolutely everything was compared to your friends, so that you knew the birthday of everyone in your class, their name-days, their telephone numbers, their height, shoe size and favourite colour. So, having your birthday in the middle of summer, meant you had to either have your birthday party earlier or later, or nobody would come because they'd all be on their summer holls, and you knew who was tall enough to have to stand in class photos, and who was small enough to have to use the lower desks, and which ones were in the middle. These were things that everybody knew, and it was a big part of one's own self image, I suppose. Very superficial, but one does have to start somewhere.

Unfortunately, the constellation of the Pisces is rather hard to find, even when I know where to look. It's rather vague. 
Another characteristic of the Pisces personality, I believe.


  1. Nancy!!! leí toooooooodoooo este largo post, palabra por palabra, me gustó mucho, y aprendí algo que yo no sabía, nunca pensé que Septiembre era por 7, octubre por 8, etc.
    No me gusta mucho leer el horóscopo, porque no me gusta que me digán que va a ocurrirme, (este año leí el horóscopo Chino, y no me gustó lo que me dijo) Sí me gusta leer las características de los Signos: cuando tú descubres que lo que te dice es tal cual como tú eres!
    Una vez leí un libro que se llamaba Tres Hombres en un Bote (sin contar el perro) de un inglés Jerome K. Jerome, en el cuenta que tres amigos estan leyendo un libro de medicina, acerca de diferentes enfermedades, y ellos, veían que según los síntomas, las tenían a todas ja ja! es un poco, como las características en el Zodíaco
    Yo soy Libra, pero no creo que sea muy equilibrado!
    Tu ilustración es espectacular!!! Qué bien dibujado está tu cuerpo!, Nada más mira el talón de tu pié y la pierna, perfecto!
    Buen fin de semana, Nancy!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Very beautiful illustration! You achieved a feeling of infinity, a real spacy atmosphere. I like the special effects, the layers of colors and the wrinkles as if it is made of very thin paper. You and your desk floating as an island in the big magic universe. The computerscreen is the connection. It radiates the same color of light.

  3. Great illustration! It's beautiful :)

  4. I love the floaty feeling, the glow, the lines.

  5. Beautiful drawing, I love the perspective and all the details: The lamp, the brushes, the computer. I wish I had the patience to draw objects like that. I like drawing people but I'm too lazy to draw everything else :P
    I remember the chinese horoscope scared me a bit as a child because it was pretty accurate when it comes to describe people's personalities. Too bad I couldn't find a book written in the southern hemisphere ( where I was born) because they describe me as a summer child and I was born in winter :/