Illustration Friday: "Bon voyage!"

If I were to win a trip around the world ... I'd assume it was spam. ;) 
But actually, doing small explorations around your own neighbourhood or just places close enough for a daytrip, can be just as fun (obviously, since I haven't won that trip yet, I'm only assuming this ;). After all, no matter how scheduled one's life is, every day is a journey into the unknown. One never truly knows how the day is going to end. 
Another way to travel is to open your mind to new experiences and ideas and people - or to re-evaluate and maybe readjust some of the things you thought you knew. One of the ways I'm doing that right now, is by learning Japanese. I started a couple of years ago on my own but I never really had the time to do it properly, so the only thing that stuck was the odd word here and there. This year, I'm taking a university course in basic Japanese, with homework and group excercises and tests and I am having the time of my life. I don't know if I'll ever visit Japan or even meet a Japanese person to test my skills on but I'm enjoying seeing the world through the eyes of a different culture (or at least through the glasses of a tourist visiting Japan - I'm a long way from really "getting" it yet!). And every time I read a new word or grammatical structure and suddenly understand the connection, it's like a little happy bubble bursts inside my brain! :D
Not to mention how much I like writing the kanji characters (they're a bit scraggly for now but it's early days yet) - it's like when you'd invent your own language as a child, with the difference that this time you're not the only one who understands it.

But speaking of bicycles, I have a facebook friend who cycles everywhere - last year (or the year before. My sense of time can be iffy at times)  she pedaled from Sweden to Spain! Whenever she swooshes by on my FB page, she's on a bike going somewhere, coming home from somewhere - usually not exactly around the world, more closer to home, but she always seems to perky - must be all the excercise ;) Which wouldn't surprise me, excercise is really an excellent mood-turner, it really does clear your head and makes you less tired and more positive  - but nevermind, let's get back on topic: Whether you're travelling to work, walking the cats or getting ready for some Friday night partying, I wish you all a bon voyage! :)

P.S. I've got to show you my Simba being adorable as usual! :)


  1. I love the different viewpoints and colours, so effective

  2. Hi Nancy, I like traveling, and one of the things that I sometimes think that I do not in my life, and I regret is not having traveled the world, but those were different times, now, my three children have been around the world and I see it online :)
    is true that we can travel if only walking around not far from home, or reading. And listening experiences of others also one fly with imagination. I would have liked to go, my country a little more, there are many places that I do not know yet (I'm on time) but not as a tourist, with a time that is completed to return home) I'd take a year off and go down the road, without direction. :)

    Pero, esto tú ya lo sabes!!!! Me lo dices en el video de tu perfil!!!! JA JA Muy bueno!!!! Me encanta tu video con la mano escrita!!!!!!!!!!
    PS: Yo creo que nunca podría estudiar idioma Japonés!!!!! Debe ser muy difícil!!
    un abrazo Nancy!!!

  3. Hi, I'm here from Illustration Friday. Just wanted to say lovely illustration!

  4. Nancy, perhaps, contradictions, opposites, are something sought by me in my illustrations
    because, otherwise, if everything is clear, and "understandable" no one would say anything about them. :)
    Do you have a subconscious negative state? I can not believe it, but, you have good sense of humor! Your video, eating the pancake, it's very very funny!
    OK. Que tengas un hermoso fin de semana Nancy!!!!!! :)

  5. That is a beautiful illustration. I love the swoosh of the bicycle coming from the girl sitting quietly on the bench.

  6. Hola Nancy!!!! Vine a decirte feliz domingo!
    Y enviarte un beso con buenas ondas!!!!

  7. Hola Nancy, mi querida amiga, yo soy el próximo Host en Drawing Challenge, (algo como Illustration Fryday) quieres jugar? si te parece lindo, déjame un comentario en mi blog diciendo que quieres jugar, y yo te explico cómo hacerlo OK? un beso, buena semana!!!!