Illustration Friday: "Revenge"; ふくしゅう Fukushuu

I wasn't sure whether to post this piece or not because I don't really like the idea of revenge and getting even but I have to admit that there are moments every day when I allow myself to think petty thoughts about horrible people - not necessarily hoping for something to happen to them but more like going "if they fell into a ditch right now, it wouldn't make me sad".
This is a detail of a larger piece titled "might is not right" (actually, it's not really titled but 
I used the text within the work, it deals with exploitation in general) and this particular part of it deals with animal testing - this time with the tables turned and the animals having their revenge.

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  1. Hey !!! Nancy!! Estoy de acuerdo con tigo, yo agregaría: "y que en la zanja haya barro podrido" ;)
    Me gusta mucho esta pintura! Algo que no vi antes en tus trabajos. Me recuerda un poco a James Ensor. es un buen camino a seguir!!!!
    Acerca de el intercambio de tarjetas, te diré que no sé nada. luego enviaré un mail a todos a ver qué ocurre. OK?
    Un beso y buena seman para tí, Y muchas gracisa por tus comentarios. (Realmente la bestia parece un card dealer jaja!! pero las manos son los piés de la chica. mira bien :)