A good home for me too?

Jonni here is such a sweetheart and another, I believe, who's had a home or been around people because as soon as he saw me for the first time he came running, asking to be fed and held. At the same time he's not needy at all, just very very sweet and well-mannered. :) My blog doesn't get many visitors from Spain so presenting "my" cats to any potential adopters, wouldn't really work, but there's no harm in trying, one never knows! 
The black one we've named Martin, he's got two siblins - Josephine here, and Bettie, I'll show her off later! They were left in a box in the park and are all so playful and loving - their favourite thing right now is to just run around like maniacs :D

Also, we had Victor snipped last month:

Besides these three, there are something like a dozen more kittens - and new adults too - so I'm rather overworked (and more than a little depressed and angry by the constant threats and comments and vandalism surrounding the colonies. And what with the European elections and the anti EU/anti immigration parties gaining ground all over, the general pettiness and small-mindedness of some people makes me want to just bitchslap some sense and solidarity into them. End of rant.) and that's why I haven't been posting lately - or even painted or drawn, not one line - but that's about to change! I've got an exhibition coming up in November so I've got to get going and I'm more than ready to get my paints out again, Aahh, I can't wait! I'll be back when I've got something new to show you :)


  1. Nancy!!!! Una nueva Exposición??? Maravilloso! Te felicito!
    Supongo que estarás en una etapa de duda, acerca de qué hacer!
    Tengo que preguntar algo a tí:
    Yo te invité al Drawing Challenge?
    Because I'm sure I invited you.
    but now I'm not sure.
    because, I dont see here a comment, in which I invite you, sorry, I wish you participate in the challenge. next time! sorry again!!! :(

  2. I wish I were there to help...I am with you on all accounts...I have not blogged too for assorted reasons but perhaps I should get the pen back in hand....good luck...love seeing you and your kitties xx

    1. I know, I've missed you and the superhero boys! Hopefully things will ease up soon :)