Illustration Friday: "Beard"; ひげ hige

So you know how kittens often have very pronounced cheeks/upper lips, making them look a bit as if they've got a rather large lump of tobacco stuffed under there (can still be seen in Sweden with our wet snuff!), well I recently met with a cat who, despite clearly an adult, still hadn't outgrown his baby-cheeks, making him look like a moustached mini-Einstein. And he had the perkiest beady little eyes, I wish 'd taken a photo so you could see his overwhelming cuteness! :D


  1. I can still see his cuteness on your painting! He looks old and young at the same time! And very Einsteiny! :)

  2. Hola Nancy!! como te trata el verano en España? Espero que bin, fresca cerca del mar.!!!
    Me encanta que hayas pintado el fono del canvas color celeste y sobr este color pintasrte este gato con rápidas pinceladas. Creo que esta pintura tiene el "sello" Gronholm!! (su carita es casi humana)
    Buen domingo, Nancy!!!! :)

    1. Actually I painted the blue background last / I think if you look closely you can see the darker underpainting around some of the edges! >(