Illustration Friday: "Contraption"

There's this song I remember from my childhood, about a marvelous "eternity-machine" (or a perpetual motion machine, but that sounds much too correct!) that fills no purpose at all, besides being fantastically amazing. But sometimes in summer, it gets overheated and then you can cook porridge in the large funnel.

Until today, I thought that the song was a children's song but it turns out it was an actual hit single some time in the 80's (or a "summer pain" as it's called over here in Sweden, you know, the kind of song that's a little silly but incredibly catchy and is played everywhere all the time.)

If, for some reason, you don't speak Swedish, here's a modern take, English version:

Men om du hänger med i det svenska språket, ta dig en lyssning här! :D:


  1. JA JA Me volvió loco la canción!!! Nunca ecuché acerca de esa máquina, pero tu dibujo está muy bien!!!
    buena semana, Nancy, y que el calor no te trate mal. De todos modos tú tienes el mar cerca. para refrescarte!! :)

  2. that is a real contraption Nancy!
    Thank you for your nice comments -plus, anyone who loves cats is fine by me!
    I will keep an eye out for you now on IF
    best wishes Nicola