Illustration Friday: "Mask"; かめん; kamen

I've been wanting to try digital painting for a while now and last year I downloaded MyPaint with the aim of doing just that, but it took me almost a year to get around to it! Anyhow, this week's IF seemed like the perfect opportunity to check it out; I've still to find my own style and I couldn't stay away from adding a little watercolour but all in all, I can see this being quite fun! As soon as I get a clearer understanding of how the program works ;)

And before we go, let's have a couple of cats; Bello up close and Emil in the background:
Ido too likes the camera:
(BTW, if you're new and wondering about the Japanese in the title, it's just that I'm trying to learn the language and this helps me to remember new words:)


  1. Ah, you're doing great digital painting!
    but I guess the brushes I have a different charm.
    this is a nice work, that you did for this IF.
    Thanks for your comment!
    Yes, about friendship, age has nothing to do. I know people with little age who are very boring, and act as old. and I know old people who are so cheerful, funny, and cool that you wanted to be with them always. as you say, it's chemistry. :)

    1. thanks :) I know, even if one can recreate "real" bruswork, the feeling take a bit of getting used to :)

  2. A really nice piece. I'm drawn to the colors and the variation of line in it. Would not have guessed it was digital, nor that this was a new medium for you.