A hammock for a kittie.

Ever since I saw one of those elegant cat hammocks on Facebook or somewhere, I've wanted one but I don't really feel like paying for something the cats in the end won't use - you all know about cats and empty cardboard boxes, right! - so I decided to very quickly trow together my own un-fancy hammock to test it. I used a sturdy placemat, folded the ends to make tubes, threaded rope through the tubes, tied them to the chair and hammock done.

I made it for our household's latest addition, Susie. Susie came in as a newborn, motherless and with severe eye-infection. I think she can still see light and shadow but disabilities is not something people look for when adopting so unless a miracle comes along, Susie will stay here. Here she is, looking adorable - I managed to capture this photo during a very short break in her fave game called chasing Nancy's feet:

Right, I'm off to watch Brasil-Colombia - and I don't know yet which team to root for, it'll be an interesting surprise :D (I'm leaning towards Colombia though;)

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  1. I like this idea. I'm going to share it with a friend with kitties because I don't think my dog would enjoy it as much :)