Illustration Friday: "Fragile"

It is often said that one should live each moment as if it were one's last. But in the middle of living one tends to forget about that, and life sort of runs off with you.
I read something the other day about how living more densely, building away parks and nature walks, was actually more of "green living" than keeping them. One had to be a subscriber to continue reading, and I'm not, so I didn't, and so I can only imagine and take a guess at what they meant. I think they meant something along the lines of, if people live closer to each other, they'll need less transport, resulting in less pollution, more sharing of spaces, more efficent use of energy etc etc. 
That might be true.
But I also think it's true that we can find a good middle ground between what our economy wants and what we as living creatures need. As a city girl myself, I love asphalt in the rain, traffic jams in the morning, and the fact that the underground lets me find just about any shop in town without even surfacing to see the sun. 
But I also know that I wouldn't love it quite as much if dandelions didn't crack through the pavement, if there weren't magical moments when I have the metro completely to myself and my map-oriented mind sometimes longs to flee the city parks with their beautifully potted plants and trees in a row and gravel that doesn't spill over its boundaries, to find an open field where the ground is uneven and the dogs can run free.
Fragility can be a beautiful thing, but you don't really notice it until it's paired against its opposite.

... now that I read it again, I'm not sure what I wanted to say but hey, it's my blog, I'm allowed to ramble, right? ;)


  1. Hi, Nancy!!
    I definitely do not like the city. I dont like that people are very close to my body.
    Crowds make me cranky, and parks and squares in the city give me desire for more green, they are not enough for me.
    I only like the city because you can go unnoticed. Nobody sees you when you're in the crowd.
    And I think I feel fragile and vulnerable when I can not see beyond a few meters, I like to see the immensity of the ocean, the mountains, the pampas!
    Well now that I read this I wrote, I think I rambled too.
    But, hey! Es mi comentario!!!! :) Buen fin de semana Nancy!!!

    1. Yes, anonymity is one of the great advantages of a city - it's very freeing in a way! Never thought of it that way but I guess not being able to see ahead because of a crowd (or trafic or buildings or whatever) does give a bit of a claustrophobic feel :o
      hey, comment away! :D

  2. I'm a country person, but I've always loved, been fascinated by, tiny gem-like city gardens, magical green spaces. I wouldn't know, for sure but it seems to me that green growing things in cities would help people get along with each other better. Also, I liked your ramble:)