Illustration Friday: "Golden"; おうごん しょく ougon shoku

I can't really paint outside during the day, the sun's too strong for that - no matter how many parasols I've got, I still get blinded. Also, the parasols would have to be black to not reflect their own colours onto the canvas. But I do take everything out early in the morning and late in the evening, when the sun's not so glaring and I can get inspired by that golden glow that starts and ends the day. I only have maybe half an hour to get anything done but on a painting such as this (an underwater painting again!), where the morning light is the effect I'm after, it helps to keep the feeling fresh in my mind for the rest of the day when I'm in my air-conditioned, neutrally lit studio.

This is a work in progress, I've only done a quick sketch on it yet, but it looks like I've covered the canvas because there's an old discarded painting underneath - I think this layer may actually be the fourth or fifth. Hopefully it's the last. ;)

Emil's just discovered how cool and lovely the stone floor can be now in summer:


  1. Nacy, i love your paintings even when them are in progress. tu paleta de colores siempre se nota muy "de verano". I think i never saw one of your paintings that show winter.
    OK Buena semana, Nancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Nancy, your cat is very similar to mine! Love your work and black and white cats...