Balm for the soul of a tone deaf girl.

So I've been too busy to listen to music for the past three days and it is literally making me go into abstinence mode (seriously, I'm still kinda shaky and in somewhat of a foul mood) so when I got home about an hour ago I put everything on at full volume and just let it all drench my brain. It was lovely. I'm coming down from that adrenaline rush now so I'm posting my top five cuties of the last hour, these songs are hardly new but if it works for you that hardly matters, right? ;) 

And to finish off with something utterly, unbearably sweet and adorable (and not Swedish ;), have a listen to Is This Love by Better Weather. It gives me summer-tingles :)

Oh, and some catchy Sunny Hill, too:

I'm afraid there won't be a lot of drawings in the coming weeks, I'm just too busy with boring stuff :(. I'm missing my IFs but that's life for ya. But summer's still on and I'm wishing you all lovely dips in the pool and dreamy summer nights. :)

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