Illustration Friday: "King"

The elk, the king of the forest; did you know that the white elk (or moose, if you're in North America) aren't actually albino as one might think, but instead just have a rare condition called leucism - in some ways similar to albinism but it doesn't make the animal sensitive to light.

The elk is something of a national symbol of Sweden and quite widespread; they might not frequent the shopping streaks of inner city Stockholm but they're not uncommon in the suburbs. Rumour says they're also very popular among German tourists who are often blamed for the disapperance of the elk signs that are put up alongside many roads all over the country.
There's another rumour about a company somewhere producing and selling elk droppings as candy. That one wouldn't surprise me; I might check the local tourist shops next time for a jar - maybe they've got chocolate covered ones?

The drawing is pencil and watercolour - did you notice how I gave him a slightly gold-coloured crown? ;)