Illustration Friday: "Peace"; やすらぎ yasuragi

Yes, even with a house adjusted to suit the cats, with nothing ornamental, no curtains to speak of and furniture that look as if they've been tortured, even in such a house, there are moments of peace and quiet. And it's heaven either way. ;)

In our family, my sister's always been the funny one (or at least, her accidents have provided the rest of us with a lot of laughs!:) and she's always been into comics (you should see some of the stuff she drew as a kid! :D). And for just as long, I've wanted to try it myself, and never quite got the hang of it . But IF is the perfect opportunity to challenge oneself so ...
It only took me a whole day to get it done but I thoroughly enjoyed making it and I do hope you like reading it. :) (just try to ignore the totally un-edited, smudged cut-and-paste quality!)


  1. Hi Nancy! esto es casi una histiorieta! Me gusta!
    no has pensado en crear un personaje de historieta? Tú, y tus gatos!! :)

    1. I'd love to but it needs so much work ... it's gonna take time ;)