Illustration Friday: "Radio"

Whenever I'm in Sweden and I have the luxury of not having to be careful about being noisy in the early morning, I turn on the radio (well, the online version of it anyway;). The public service channel P1 usually starts the day with news, and the news usually end with the weather forecast - not just for the city but also the sea weather forecast (I think it's the equivalent to the shipping forecast in the UK?), the measurements coming in from the archipelago lighthouses, any fog, rain or storm warning etc,  and it's always presented in this super calm, low voice that sounds as if it's actually trying to convey its message without waking anybody up too abruptly (even when it's in the middle of the day;). It is such a soft way to start a day. :)

(yes, I know I said there wouldn't be any drawings for a while but yesterday my computer crashed a bit, and this morning it came back on, so I'm celebrating:)


  1. Hej! I love this illustration. Es como si tuviera varios planos, como de ensueño, ¡genial!

  2. Qué buen dibujo, Nancy!!! Felicitaciones. me gusta cómo dibujas muy bien el cuerpo humano, esta chica vista desde atrás está excelente, me gusta también cómo resuelves el dibujo del pié!!!
    No entiendo por qué dices que cuando estás en Suecia, no tienes que ser cuidadosa acerca de no hacer ruido por la mañana, siempre pensé que los latinos somos muy ruidosos y gritones. (lo digo por España)

  3. Gronholm!!!! What are you doing??!!!! :) just came to say have a nice weekend!!!