Resurrection! :D

Aha, so my computer crashed and I was left pondering whether to get the cheaper one from MediaMarkt, or wait a bit and get the slightly more expensive custom built from the local computer shop. In the end I opted for the second choice, hence the long blog hiatus! :) But that was then and this is now - and now it's finally raining on the Costa Blanca! While all the tourists are wind-breaking their umbrellas and clinging on to make-shift rain coats, the rest of us are going like:

 photo cilus.gif
I found a short article inthe local papers that will give you some idea of what the weather's like around these parts:


  1. You look really happy !!! It's good rain for which we live but not for tourists, same thing happens here when it rains, we're happy, but tourists are not, imagine, you rent a cabin, you have two or three children, rain, you you can not go for a walk, or sunbathing, or the beach, or river. What do you do besides watch TV all day?