Illustration Friday: "Silence"; しずけさ shizukesa

Acrylic on canvas, work in progress.

When I was little one my favourite things in the world was to spend all hours under water; at the time, I didn't think much about the reasons for that - other than the fact that I liked it. Thinking back, I suspect my reasons then were pretty much my reasons now: the fascination with this other world so close to but still cut off from our regular one. It's not silent under water, quiet yes, but not void of sound - splashes, bangs and even voices do get through and even if all alone in a pool, even if the filtration system's off, you'll still hear that amplified humming sound you get when you cover your ears, like the low rumble of a large machine inside your head.
But even with all that background noise, you still get the impression of silence or at least muted sound; a large cushion being put over the world.

Have you ever watched a movie that touched you to the core? For me it was The Big Blue; I watched it as a child and I often wish I could watch it again as such. Then I completely missed the whole romantic bit, yes I did understand that they were a couple but it just didn't register as anything important, and nowadays ... I'm afraid I'm one of those who just gets annoyed when we get to the love interest - most of the time it's so obviously just there for the nudity - and now my mind automatically goes ugh! at the first hint of Unresolved Sexual Tension (hmm, can you tell I'm not a romantic?;).
So while I understand all the tricks and turns of the move better now, I kinda wish I could just disappear into that world like I did before I knew so much. ;)
Having said that, I still love the The Big Blue (and the soundtrack omg) and I cry every single time. I'ts like willingly entering an intoxicating, emotional torture chamber.

I'll leave you with quite possibly the most magical movie ending of all time:

And I say that of course as someone who knows absolutely nothing about cinema :)


  1. Ah recuerdo esta película, debo confesar que lo que más me impresionó por aquella época fue Rossana Arquette.
    Tu pintura es excelente como siempre!!!!
    Wow!!!! Qué imagen! Veo que es un work in progress pero para mí es un trabajo terminado!!!!
    BTW (resuelve tu tensión sexual) ;) Buena semana, Nancy!!!

    1. Well, Arquette is gorgeous so I don't blame you :D (Y no hay nada que resolver hmpf!;)

    2. Lo suponía!!!! :) (que no hay tensión que resolver) :)

  2. Spoiler!!!
    Just kidding. I remember us watching it together. It was frightening and beautiful at the same time.
    Gillar verkligen dina vattenbilder!

    1. Spoiler alert! omygosh I didn't think of that :O Kul att du gillar dem! :)

  3. Beautiful! I love the point of view, colors, and textures. I never saw that movie. Maybe I'll rent it sometime.