Art exhibition at Sala de Exposiciones Vista Alegre, Torrevieja

As we were setting up the exhibition earlier this week, we came across these mannequins and contemplated turning them into an installation piece...
(I had Rose Tyler flashbacks in here! lol)

Some of my stuff:

And all thanks to the amazing help we had with getting everything up on the walls, they literally just wooshed through it!

I managed to catch a quick pic of the poster that is now facing the street outside:

And then came the actual day of the opening ...

This is what it looks like from the perspective of somebody at the centre of everyone's attention:
It was quite a thing actually, with the mayor and people from the cultural and tourism department as well as the newly appointed Swedish consul Björn Sandström (that rather tall man in the red tie). 
And they all had nice things to say, so that was nice :)

Mingling, mingling ... talking to so many interesting people ...

One of my fellow exhibitors, Inger Johnson, capturing me capturing her:

*sigh*, my hair that looked so pretty when I left the house, turned into hairspray-dried straw when the wind got hold of it - next time I'll go au naturel, that way it'll still be fixable even if it rains!

"... Wait ... is that a camera? ... oh please please pleeease nooo! ... bother, I won't get away. ... Oh alright then, might as well give it an awkward grin ..."

And that's it! The exhibition is on till the end of the month so if you're in Torrevieja do stop by! :) 
(... I'm already looking forward to the next one!;)
I must also take the opportunity to thank everybody not "only" technically involved with the exhibition but also my art professor Mar García Torregrosa who's always such a amazing inspiration. And most of all, the initiator of this whole shebang, professor César Rodríguez Mateo who not only came up with the idea but kept us inspired from start to finish and literally made it all happen. Thank you! Gracias! Tack! :)


  1. Vad kul att se!!! Tror att jag känner igen mig själv i en tavla tillsammans med några vänner ;D. Superfint!
    Ps. Vill se närbilder.

    1. Du har bra ögon du! ;) Jag skall tillbaks på tisdag och fota lite mer, så att du får dina närbilder :)