Art print giveaway November 2014

So ... how do you feel about a giveaway this late in the year? My sister sent me a photo of her balcony yesterday and I was shocked to realise it was winter and that she was hanging up pretty light-strings to light up the dark before Christmas. I live in perpetual sunshine down here by the Mediterranean shore and it's way too easy to get used to that! ;)

But to get back to the giveaway, the rules could not be any more simple:

1. Visit the shop and pick a print you like.
2. Come back here and leave a comment - with an e-mail or other way of contacting you.
3. OPTIONAL: This really is not a requirement but it would be uber nice if you wanted to tell me why you chose that particular print, even if your reason is as simple as the fact that it matches you sofa. ;)
This giveaway, which ends next Sunday 23/11,  is for one small print (ca 13x18 cm or 4.9" x 6.9") of your choice. 

So, good luck everybody! :)


  1. Hi Nancy
    I like "Adrift" because I like the simplicity of the your image and the Sandman story that inspired it.

  2. Hi Nancy! My favourite print is Morning Breeze , I have it in my studio! My second favourite is the yellow bikini because it screams summer on the beach and, like me, she’s relaxing but, at the same time, ready to take a picture. Regards from Barna!

  3. My favorite is "The Living Forest - Blue." It's a bit whimsical, and I love the color palette.

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  4. Hello!
    Definitely On Her Way one.
    I like its minimal, i love its pink, i like its less pastel. As we have been moving a lot it would illustrate well our family life. Also being on teh way suggests movement/ change / growth wich also resonates with our family and ever-changing little ones:-°


  5. I love the on her way watercolor ink and graphic one! so pretty eclairre at ymail dot com

  6. Wow, hard to pick one but I really like the I'll Keep You Safe And Warm - Japanese Snow Monkey oil painting reproduction. My email is hppechk2@yahoo.com

  7. I love Adrift for its simple elegance; a black and white image with a little splash of colour speaks volumes for me.
    And I also really like "Between Sisters" because it reminds me of my sister and myself.

    :) twocheekymonkeys at live dot com

  8. My favorite is Adrift. Rainy days always make me happy and I feel like this portrays that feeling.

    erinpitts at rocketmail dot com

  9. I love the Valentino - acrylic painting reproduction. I love cats and the colors you used are beautiful.


  10. xoxlucyxox@btinternet.com


  11. I love the blue retro car! I would love to put it in a nursery :)

  12. i love The Living Forest... like the colours and the atmosphere

  13. I love Walls Have Ears; cat. I like the lines that give it that scratched paper effect and the cat's gaze that is like ''I know what you did last summer, and it wasn't good'' :)!

  14. I love this one. The colors make me happy!

  15. https://www.etsy.com/fr/listing/61621588/chat-et-fille-dessin-imprimer-un-certain?ref=shop_home_active_11

    i love it cause of the expression of the little girl

  16. Hello!
    I love this one - "Mmmm, she thought, as she spotted the blueberry-patch up ahead" amazing trees on this pic and I love bears very much!

  17. I like Pause, I think it's a relaxing picture and I love the little girl and cat standing together.

    kirstyjfox AT yahoo DOT com

  18. Oh this is tough since I love so many! Im torn between A Breath of Sea Air and Walls Have Ears

    abracadabra888 at gmail dot com

  19. Hello! I love the Fox, we have a fox living nearby who loves to call to his lady friend when I'm going to sleep. I like to think of him nesting in the purple kunzea, which has a greyish color to it and this makes me think of him. Just lovely :-)

  20. Hi! I love the cat charcoal drawing because I LOVE cats and this looks very similar to my rescue baby, Harvey Dent!


  21. Hello.
    I couldn't decide between "Whisper cat illustration", because I love the colours and perspective, "Photo Stories", due to the simplicity, "A Breath of Sea Air", since it has a childish feel that is so complementary of myself or "Ferocious", that one, simple because it really captured me.


  22. "Mmmm, she thought, as she spotted the blueberry-patch up ahead" is wonderful...though I have many other favorites, too :)

  23. I honestly love your style. I've noticed that you do a lot of underwater paintings. Where did you get the inspiration to do them? Anyway, I adore your work, Nancy. Whoever wins that giveaway is certainly very lucky. Good luck to everyone who entered. Happy Holidays! :)

    Lucius Cambell @ Skild

    1. Thank you Lucius! I live by the sea and spend entire summers in the pool so I guess that's where the inspiration comes from ;) Hope you had a great Holiday as well!