Illustration Friday: "Theatre"

When we were little, my sister and I were friends with a group of three sisters and one of the things we did together was to put up plays. As far as I remember the props we used depended very much on the stuff that happened to be in the room at the time and I don't think there was much of a storyline to our plays, basically everybody just came up with a character and improvised. And I don't think we ever had an audience, we were just playing for ourselves. But we called it playing theatre.

Not related to IF but I found this rather cute sign at the Carrefour car park, the little figure almost looks like it's dancing, don't you think? :)

BTW, I want to give you all a heads up on the giveaway I'll be posting this weekend - finally! It's been awhile ;)

Meanwhile I'll wish everybody a gorgeous weekend :) and leave you with some images from this morning:


  1. Childhood games are fun...love the scenery... have a great weekend Nancy

  2. Love the beach photo with the little birds! Your IF illustration is great too --- it says "theater" :) My sister and I and sometimes friends would put on plays, too --- in our attic, with our long-suffering parents as audience...

    1. The birds are so funny when running around - they're so quick! :D