Illustration Friday: "Wobbly"

As we entered sixth form/high school/gymnasiet på svenska, gym class went from track running and ice skating, to things like orienteering, "free activities" and ... dancing. Couple dancing to be precise - things like folkdancing, the polka, foxtrot and the waltz.
And it was during the waltz sequence that I learned about compatibility; we'd swith partners every once in a while, wobbling along awkwardly and generally not finding any kind of rythm at all - until I was paired with this one particular boy and out of nowhere everything just flowed. I didn't know the guy (yes, we were from the same school and the same year but I was never the social type, so... ;) but I was so shocked at what was happening, I blurted out something along the lines of "OMG it's working!" At which he - being obviously much more mature than I was - responded: "Yeah, I guess it just comes down to being compatible". 
Then it was time to switch again and I was back to bumping knees and stepping on toes.

BTW, would you like to see a bit of what it's like to draw with a cat butting in everywhere? Here, have a look:


  1. HI!!!!! Querida Nancy!!! Yo veo muchas cosas nuevas aquí (hace más de un mes que yo no veo tu blog)
    Primero: tu foto de perfil, me gusta. es una selfie y al mismo tiempo, el observador (yo) siente que está espiándote.
    Segundo: the header. Espectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me gusta mucho. ese color que tú usas en tus pinturas (me refiero al "celeste o verde azulado") me da la sensacion de profundidad, de habismo!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tercero: Tu dibujo, muy bueno como siempre, y el video: me encanta ver cómo trabaja un artista! (con el gato caminando sobre tu trabajo)
    Un beso y un abrazo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Aha, you're back! must head over to your blog right away :D (Y no, la chica alta no es mi hermana aunque sí estaba pensando en una amiga en particular ;)

  2. (La chica alta, con el chico bajito que se ve detrás es tu hermana? Ha Ha! :)

  3. Hi Nancy
    I loved your post and thank you for the kind words re. my work, but where has it gone too?
    The above drawing is just me on the dance floor, two left feet, I'm still waiting for that compatible dance partner.