What a way to end a fabulous week!

This stunning looking girl showed up in the garden a few weeks back, at first I thought she'd just moved into the neighbourhood with her family, seeing as she was so very friendly. But after a while she was spending all her time here and she was craving food constantly, so I thought she might've been lost. I put up flyers but didn't get my hopes up since people dump their pets all the time.
And then, out of the blue, kittens started to show up - in the end four in all! Well, since cats aren't appreciated around here and there had been incidents already, there was no choice but to have them move in. Luckily, the other cats were alright with that (especially Messi and Felix liked having new playmates;). 
But, to cut to the chase, what made today such an unusually great day was that the owner called! He'd seen one of the washed out flyers and recognised her, his Keisha. So, tomorrow, she's going back home. *Sigh* what a relief, she's the sweetest thing but there's no room for any more ;)
And here are her little ones, two black ones, one black and white and one just like her Mum:


  1. What cute cats! Must be lots of fun being surrounded by sooooo many cats!! That cat was lucky it found you when it did...all ends well.

  2. Weeell, I certainly don't mind the cats in winter when they warm me up so nicely ;)