Illustration Friday: "Invention"

This week I'm going to adapt IF's challenge to fit the picture, rather than the usual other way around. I'm going to use the word "invention" in its old sense, meaning "to find, to come upon, discover", to tell a story I used for my Japanese language class where we had to write a short essay on a memory. 

The story is set on Gotland, an island off the east coast of Sweden, a popular summer resort just a few hours from Stockholm. We'd rented a house for a couple of weeks, with a big garden for Charlotte, our cat, to go exploring. And for all of that holiday everything went splendidly and much fun was had by everyone. Until the very last day.
Everything was packed and loaded into and onto the car when suddenly, Charlotte was nowhere to be seen! Everybody panicked. We ran around calling for her, checking every bush, every tree, running back into the house to open every door and every cupboard, back out again to check the neighbours' gardens, blaming everybody and everything for letting this happen. 
And as I run past the car again for the umpteenth time, I see her, Charlotte, ambling into the backseat, cool as a cucumber, taking no notice of us at all. 
We were this close to a collective heart attack but she decided to spare us at the very last moment, our sweetheart Charlotte.


  1. Me gustó mucho tu pequeña historia, y obviamente tu dibujo! Y me recordó alguna historia similar a esta, ocurrida a nosotros. Sabes una cosa? Nosotros teníamos un Citroen como este que tú dibujaste!
    Cuando mis hiijos eran muy pequeños, hicimos muchos viajes divertidos en ese autito!
    Un beso!!!! Nancy!!!

    1. Gracias! Nosotros nunca tuvimos justo ese modelo de Citroen pero me encanta el diseño :D

  2. Haha, my parents had a VW Beetle and my sister got lost in a field of grain. her blond hair was the same color and her height too. We heart her crying and found her.
    I love all the faces in your drawing, the expressions, a mix of anger and worry. And I like the cat!

    1. What, it must've been awful for her but omg it makes for such a funny story! ;D :)

  3. Heisann!
    Godt alle var på plass til slutt. Ingen god følelse å ikke vite hvor barnet er!
    Jeg har ikke levert noe inn til Illustrated Friday på lenge, men kan hende et bidrag plutselig dukker opp til tross for at jeg i år bare skal ha "friluftsfoto" på bloggen min siden vi har nasjonat friluftsår i 2015.
    Det blir en utfordring at kombinere illustrasjon og friluft!
    Ønsker deg et flott nytt år ;:OD) som jeg håper ikke blir så veldig kaaaaaldt!