Illustration Friday: "Nefarious"

The mind is a wicked thing sometimes, taking a reflection here, a memory there and concocting a story of horror for our eyes only.

Whenever I paint, I check the canvas by holding it in front of a mirror, it makes all the flaws (the ones you don't want;) stand out, sometimes to the point where I'm almost disgusted by what I've created.

Somehow the world seems different through the looking-glass, don't you find that too?

And oh, good news! Antonella and Betti have found themselves a new home! All thanks to Pets in Spain. Here they were just an hour ago, drowsing away in the lovely afternoon sun, waiting for their new family:


  1. POR QUÉ desaparecen mis comentrios cuando pongo publish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. yo dije:
    Yo hago lo mismo que vos, pongo lo que estoy pintando frente al espejo. otras veces lo miro patas para arriba. pero la peor distorción la veo cuando yo mismo me miro frente al espejo JAJA!!!!!!!!!
    Además dije: tu ilustración del pájaro estrellado sobre el espejo es muy buena. Me la llevo a Pinterest, con tu permiso. :)

  3. Well that's weird! I think there might've been a few changes on blogger recently, maybe that's why? Claro que podes ponerlo en Pinterest :)