illustration Friday: "Toy"; おもちゃ omocha

I haven't seen a Rubik's cube in years and years but I do remember them from kindergarden; I used to obsess over certain toys or games, playing them over and over again but oddly enough, with the cube, I got over it as soon as I solved it.
I doubt I could do it now though ;)

It's been another lovely, sunny day today, and the cats took advantage of that:


  1. Ah, the rubics cube, how I hated it, because I never managed to make it, he he he.
    Great drawing, I hope the kid is more successfull then I was.
    By the way, your cats are adorable.

  2. The cats have the right idea! I'd like to cuddle in right between the two. :) Oh, the Rubik's Cube! Arggghhhhh, I could never solve that thing. One, maybe two sides, but never the whole thing without cheating. Great drawing!

    1. Without cheating?? How do you cheat at the cube? :o lol, thanks Bella :)