Illustration Friday: "Metropolis"

According to the dictionary, a metropolis is actually just any large, busy city or important centre but I cannot for the life of me think of Stockholm - my hometown - as a metropolis; in my mind, a metropolis is a place like New York or Hong Kong, not a quaint little collection of islands on the outskirts of the Europe. 
But small as it is, it is still quite lovely, especially in summer or when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. :) Although, anybody who happens to actually live there, might point out to themselves that the Djurgården tram does not go through the Tehuset café and its famous elm trees in Kungsträdgården, and the café and the park is not usually as empty of humans as this (I got caught up drawing the trees and forgot about the people). 
Nor have I ever seen any cats perching on top of lamp posts - here or anywhere in the city but artistic licence blah blah ... ;)

Bello's usually quite the cool cucumber (though having just watched an ep of Russell T Davies' new series, I'm struggling a little to use the word;), but yesterday he decided he just could not get down from the top of the pergola on his own; I must admit it took me a while to catch on to his predicament because it's just not his style, but eventually I got the hint and offered a shoulder for him to climb down on. I suspect what he really wanted was a cuddle ;)


  1. I just love this: the lines, the patterns, the composition, the lightness, the laciness. You are very, very good.

  2. Hehehehe, well who could blame him for wanting a cuddle?

    Beautiful! Simply beautiful! I think a tram that goes through a cafe would actually be quite delightful. :) And I'm glad to see a cat perched on a lamppost, even if it is just in a painting. The splashes of color and the way you choose just where to lay the colors are splendid!