Illustration Friday: "Sleep"; ねむり nemuri

It is said that cats sleep or doze away most of their lives and a sunny day like today I can completely understand why; days like these are begging for lazy moments in the garden, stretching out to catch just a little bit more of that winter sun. ;)

Sometimes when it's time for my Emil to go for his evening walk (and he does need it or he'll stay up all night like a hyper active kid, not letting anybody else sleep), he's so not up for it and he grumbles and cries and just does not want to. But of course, as soon as he's out, all that's forgotten. :)

There's a sculpture at the Toshogu Shrine in Nikko, Japan, of a sleeping cat, called Nemuri-neko, The Sleeping Cat. "Nemuri" can mean both "sleep" and "peaceful" and here it represents a peaceful world. The cat is placed at the entrance of the shrine and on the other side is a sculpture of a sparrow. The thought is that if the cat should ever awaken, it would eat the sparrow but as it is, they live in this endless moment of peace. 
Quite a lovely story, don't you think? :)


  1. Love this tale and the illustration...happy Friday Nancy! xx

  2. Oh, that Is a nice story. And even nicer is your painting. You are a watercolor master! So delicate and almost ephemeral. Simply gorgeous!

  3. WOW!!! Esta acuarela es una obra maestra!!!!!!!!!!!!! Felicitaciones!