Green Isle Studio, our new shop; what's behind the name? Like, literally? ;)

The exhibition I did with my sister whetted our appetites for more joint ventures and here we are now, a year and half later, with a newly opened shop called the Green Isle Studio. 

 Surnames based on nature are common in Sweden, names that translated would be Grove-Twig, Lake-Blossom or Meadow-Stream. And If you know a little bit of Swedish (or are a good guesser which, frankly, isn't that hard considering how alike the Germanic languages are) you'll realise that the name of the shop was inspired by our surname Grönholm which means Green-Islet.

Compared to my Etsy shop, this one will offer limited edition prints, original art and one of a kind printed textiles, as well as open edition prints. Print sizes are A4 and A3.

I'll be experimenting with textile printing soon but for now, I've got a new illustration for you; the text will come in two version and it'll be up in the shop any minute now.

Oh, and by the way, to celebrate our launching of Green Isle Studio we're having a shop opening discount this week, with 20% off on all purchases on prints and posters.
This is the link: www.greenislestudio.com
And if you want to follow more closely what goes on in the studio,  we're on both Instagram as well as Tumblr. 

 Look, Emil's so excited about this news, he's all over the place! ;)


  1. WOW WOW WOW! Congratulations !!!!!!!! Great idea !!!!! I would like to see the Green Isle Studio también en Face book (i will be a follower)
    It's Seems to me that the name is a very good name. (i love that your first name means Green Island)
    i got an idea: Could GIS function also as sales agents to the work of other artists ;)
    Felicitaciones otra vez!!!

    1. hmm, no sé si vamos a ir a facebook (no uso el facebook mucho...) pero gracias! Tuve que pensar un buen rato para comprender que era el "GIS" hehe :p