Illustration Friday: "Strong"; いしてき ishiteki

Some people know where they want to go and they know how to get there. And they never lose sight of that goal. Some people are strong that way.
Then there are others, those who don't know and don't know how to find what it is they don't know. They waver, they stray, they change and exchange their dreams. 
They may be playing on a goal-less pitch.
For some, that's their strength.

I found this amazing, wondrous video by Legs Nose Robinson, called "My Beautiful Idiot";

Once upon a time, Neil Gaiman wrote a story about a spaceship, er, a time and space...ship. The ship stole herself a resident alien, and traveled with him for the better part of a millennium...

One day, the bright blue spaceship had her soul ripped from her body and plopped unceremoniously into a human woman...

And so the alien (a doctor) and the woman (a spaceship) were able to speak...face to face, with mouths and everything.

That conversation is what Neil Gaiman gave Doctor Who.
And now this is the song that we're giving you.

All vocals, music, videography, and paper stars by:
Legs Nose Robinson

And their Doctor Who parody (although it's actually a fabulous homage!) of the Master in the Missy version:


  1. Beautiful and dreamy! I love it. I'm glad her love is to the moon and back, because I hate the thought of her being stuck on the moon forever.

    Fun videos! And I'm tickled by the name Legs Nose.

    1. This way she'll have something to look forward to while stuck on the moon ;)
      Legs Nose is lovely name, I agree!

  2. I really like this painting. There's so much to look at within it between the texture, color, b/w... and then there's the mood of it too. Good job!