Illustration Friday: "Pet"

 Top drawing is Liz, bottom Looki :)

And while we're on the subject, I went out into the Spanish countryside yesterday to attend a fundraising event for petsinspain.net. The weather was lovely, not too hot and with a little bit of a breeze to keep the sweat off ;)
As we arrived at The Mews Cattery in Guardamar, we were greeted by a very silent, very calm German Shepherd sitting in the shade by the side of the house. What a sweetie, I thought, and waved at him as I passed to go in through the garden.
I'd brought the camera to hopefully catch some kitties but unfortunately, I couldn't stay long; you can just about spot one part of the cattery at the very back of the garden:
This was the only furrie I managed to get on film:
Just as we were leaving, one of the ladies approached me to ask if our dog wanted some water, gesturing towards where I'd seen the dog when arriving. I explained that I didn't have a dog and had thought that she/he was theirs. Apparently everybody had assumed that the dog had come with somebody else and now suddenly it seemed like the animal shelter fundrasing event had been gate crashed by an actual animal without shelter! 
Later that day, a Facebook announcement made it clear that the dog had been missing for three days and was now reunited with his family. What a lovely happy ending :)


  1. I think that dog probably was a cat in another life, it being so smart to crash your animal fundraising ;-D. Glad to hear he was reunited with his family :-)

  2. Que linda historia! Creo que debe ser como Carolina dice, Ese perro tuvo una anterior vida como gato!!! Who knows?
    Nancy! Que buena artista eres!! Esas cabezas de gato son excelentes!!!!!! Te felicito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. wow, wow, wow. The way you can make an image emerge from paper is nothing short of amazing. Beautiful drawings! And so glad to hear the pup made it home.

  4. I love the personalities you captured in these kitties and loving the style of them. Wonderful!

    1. Thanks! It's a lot easier when you know their personalities ;)