Illustration Friday: "Triangle"; 三角sankaku

When I was a child, I loved everything science related and at about 10 or something, I became obsessed with drawing geometrical shapes - I'd fill pages and pages and pages with intricate patterns, and then I'd throw them away. I guess it was just one of those passing infatuations. :)

Probably one of the sweetest things this past week:

... and a little less sweet:


  1. Hola Nancy!!! Gracias por tus comentarios!!! Por qué están vistiendo ropa? Tal vez un poco de pudor, jaja!
    ¡Qué buena tu ilustración! Tu dibujo de el cuerpo humano es excelente! También la bicicleta! Yo jamás pude dibujar bien a las bicicletas!
    Buena semana!!!!

    1. hehe, it just surprised me a little, they're usually nekkid ;)

  2. Fantastic drawing! I must say, I really like the colorful geometric patterns in her dress. And the colorful shadow! So wonderful! I've heard that drawing a bicycle is one of the hardest things. But you've managed to do it even from a back perspective. And that's why you are the master. :)

    The video made me laugh!!!

  3. Really beautiful, love the simplicity and line work.