Illustration Friday: "Danger"; てき teki

Did you know I studied latin once upon a time? Well, that time was so long ago that the only thing I remember now are the winged phrases, like "latet anguis in herba": snake hiding in the grass.
If you read the actual passage where it's from, it seems to be used as a literal warning more than anything else but of course it has since taken on additional meaning, something you'd say about a treacherous person, someone who's biding his time for the right moment to strike.
In this drawing, who or what would be the snake? Maybe the cat, maybe our dependency on technology (or the human behind it) , maybe there's an actual poisonous snake in the grass, or maybe those birds in the distance are planning to take back Earth for themselves - it would appear, after all, that they are dinosaurs.

Onto other things, I'm very much aware of the lack up blog updates but it's not like I forgot of anything, I've just been finding it difficult to get a hold of something to write about. Yes this blog is about cats and drawing and what's so difficult about that? Nothing, I guess, but I don't want my blog to be just unexplained images; I'm not saying I ever write anything truly worthwhile but when I do post, there's usually a thought behind it and lately I've been drawing blanks when it comes to adding that comment. Which is why I've been hanging out mostly on instagram - it's so easy, just snap, emote and go. ;)
But I've been surfing the social media for too long, I need to venture down below the surface and get some proper work done! So I'm going to start posting whatever, just to get going. It will get messy and silly and probably less than even a little interesting but work is how I get through these episodes, so that's what I'm going to do.

Until then, here's Bello enjoying a morning under the bougainvillea :)

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I love your pencil work. And I am enjoying this perspective too! I'm pretending to be a land shark, stalking the kitty. Not that I would do anything evil, mind you. Just playing. :) Pretty Bello! Give him a good tickle under the chin for me too.