Illustration Friday: "ink"

Still alive and very much kicking, despite the lack up updates suggesting otherwise! I've got lots of uninteresting excuses for it but they all stem from one even more boring reason: I've been tired. Not of drawing - I've done heaps of that! - but of blogging, of writing and having something to say. Slumps happen. And I'm trying to get out of it. Maybe this time I'll make it? :)

Anyway, I was playing around with one of those video collage apps and came up with this making-of vid of the above drawing:

How about some cute cat-butt to brighten your day? Here's Alexander's: 


  1. Buenísimo. Me encantó! Sí, a veces yo también me canso del blog. pero es la única posibilidad de dibujar algo que no sea por trabajo y por obligación. Un gran abrazo, Nancy!!!!

  2. Gorgeous! And great video. I was mesmerized by your pen strokes, no kidding. Cute cat butt. It is 'Tocktober, after all. :)