Illustration Friday: Stuffed

Pretty much my wardrobe right now :-) 
I needed more room to stash away my papers and stuff I didn't want the cats to get their grubby paws on, so I confiscated the bottom half of the wardrobe. It's all in piles that have over very short time grown into a huge heap and taking one thing out crumbles everything. 
But I've been to IKEA and am now ready to get organised. ;-) 

On another note, my instagram-ing  seems to have stuffed up my ability to leave proper blog comments beyond smileys, heart-eyed kitties and thumbs-ups. I was just visiting fellow bloggers and even though I found their posts to be funny, cute and interesting, I didn't seem to be able to create a whole sentece with actual words.
I guess there's more than my own blogging that needs a bit of updating. :o


  1. Teehee! The kitties would have so much fun in there! I love this sketch. The quick lines sure add to the urgency of the clutter. Reminds me I need to declutter my own closet.

    And speaking of stuffed, my computer broke down and it's taking weeks to restore all my files. I am now realizing how many useless things I keep on my computer. I need to declutter that, too!

    Good luck with all your blogger woes. Oy. :)

  2. I have to admit that I'm glad that isn't my wardrobe. I agree with Bella about the sketch. I love the energy of this.

  3. Looks like my closet. I just shove everything in really hard to shut the door.